Dino Avarino

These days it seems that we are always rushing somewhere. Lets try to remember that many children play around the neighborhood and occasionally venture out on unforeseen and unforgiving ground.... "The Street", as most of us parents call it! Please, Please, Please slow down your speed in your vehicle. No excuse can justify an innocent child getting hurt or worse killed. As a father to a three year old, I also beg of you to slow down. Thanks in advance for understanding my concern....And feel free to continue this dialogue with your neighbors or utilyzing this website.

Konstadinos Moissoglu

I am buing a property on Surreywood Lane. I noticed that there are four towers (maybe radio towers) next to the highway and a cell phone tower next to the Fire Station. Are there any concerns or known issues with living close to them? Thanks in advance for sharing any information you may have.

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